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Armstrong Makes Monster Effort In 16th Stage of Tour

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Even after it had become apparent that to Lance Armstrong that he would not be in the winners circle for the Tour de France this year he continues to give it his all in these final days of the race. He conceded that he was not the fastest or strongest man on his bike but maintained that he still possessed the spirit of a fighter. It was that spirit, accompanied by an amazing depth of strength and an amazing reservoir of endurance that allowed him to win this grueling race seven times in the past. The intense mountain climb stages of the race which are so difficult that they are not even uniquely classified have been one of Armstrong’s great strengths in his career. He had hoped that he could finish first in this 16th stage (four days from the completion of the Tour) and he gave it everything he had but it just was not quite enough. Armstrong came in as number 6 for this stage with Frenchman Pierrick Fedrigo capturing the first place. It’s highly doubtful that Armstrong will be wearing any yellow jerseys in this years Tour but one can’t fault him for the effort and determination he has put forth. He does seem to possess the heart of a champion.

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