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Athlete’s Giving Back

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It feels good when you read about an athlete who used his popularity in helping others in need. We hear about celebrities who squander their money on useless things. But then, there are the good ones. There are still some celebrities who still have a good heart and have different priorities.

Just recently, Kyle Koryer was reported to have sponsored no less than 3 charitable institutions under his name. As a young child, he was taught by his parents and grandparents how service to society is an important part of their lives. He carried on these life lessons and together with his brother Klayton, they established a fund and executed projects that will help those in need, not only in Utah but in both Omaha and Philadelphia as well.

With greed being rampant among the today’s elite, it is great to know that here are still a few who are very generous. There are still celebrities who are willing to share the fruits of their success with the less fortunate.

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