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Athlete’s Giving Back

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It is heartwarming when you read or hear of an athlete (or anyone for that matter) using their notoriety and their means to help others. We hear a lot of stories about the excesses that go on with some celebities, how they throw money away like yesterdays garbage on the trappings of success. Then, there are the other stories. The ones that tell of a different kind of focus by those who are in the limelight. Recently it was reported that Kyle Korver of the Utah Jazz has no fewer than three charitable organizations in full swing under his sponsorship. He learned the art of giving as a young child from his parents and grandparents who made service a major part of their lives. That focus continues for them today as Kyle, along with brother
Klayton, fund and execute projects that help the needy not only in the state of Utah but also in Philadelphia and Omaha as well.

With greed so rampant among many of todays elite, it is wonderful and elevating to know that there are a great many of todays stars who share the rewards of their success with those in need.

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