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Atlanta Hawks Feast On Utah Jazz

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Last night’s game between Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks is a big difference from the game that happened during fall. That was one of the most memorable road trips for Jazz this season where they beat all the teams they played. The Jazz fans were so hyped up because the team had a winning streak. They were beating all the teams convincingly. Now that looks like a faraway dream now that Jazz is starting to lose and is likely to playoff bound.

It’s bad that the team is struggling with winning the home games this year. It is different in the previous years that the odds were great and Jazz usually won the games in their home court. Last night they played for a near sold-out crowd and the fans were surprised to see the team playing as if they were lethargic and not interested. True, the Hawks gave some amazing shots but their team was totally focused and the team played as if they intend to win. And they did win with more than 20 points over the margin. Tomorrow, the Jazz are playing again and the fans are hopeful that the team will get out of the slump they are in. They are hoping to play with the intensity that will make them take home a win.

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