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Australian Open Wraps Up Tomorrow

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All eyes are on the final games between Andy Murrand and Roger Federer in the tennis men’s division and on Justine Henin versus Serena Williams in the women’s.

If Murray claims the Grand Slam title, it will be the first time a Brit has done so. Roger Federer, the top seed is confident he will defeat Murray and retain his dominating position in the ranks. He implies that the pressure is on his opponent Murray as he already has won a Grand Slam title while Federer had 15 majors credited under his name.

Meanwhile, Serena Williams and Justine Henin will have a final match-up. The tennis world is familiar with the accomplishments and attributes of Serena. Henin, on the other hand, is a Belgian tennis star who can show that she can stand the pressure that comes with big competitions. She is smart, self-assured and technically right on target.