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Baseball/Softball Fun for 12 People or Less

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When I was a kid I did not like basefall. I found the game too slow and boring. I like football and basketball more because the ball was moving fast and there was constant action. Another thinga bout baseball is that it took too many people to play the game. With basketball, you could do fine with just 4 or 2 people. Backyard football needs just 3 or more people. But with baseball, you have to find 18 or more people to play with. Last weekend, I learned that there were a couple of games that you could play with 12 people or less.

You’ll have to split up 12 people into 4 teams with 3 people in each team. 1 team should bat while the other teams share the field. The game is played with 2 outs instead of 3 since the batting team is smaller. All the players cover the bases and you have to take an out to send in a batter.

Another game ideal for less than 12 people is to split them into 2 teams. One team goes up to bat. The batting team will not run bases since they do not have enough players to field. Instead ghost runners are used. The fielding team covers on the left side of the field. If the batter hits the ball infield and the fielders cover it without error, then it’s called an out. If the infielders make the error, it’s a single. If the batter hits the ground ball that makes it to shallow outfield, it is a single. If the outfielder commits an error in fielding, it’s a double. Finally, if the ball goes deep outfield, it’s a double. If the deep outfielder makes a mistake, it’s a triple.

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