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Basketball Fans Say Good-by To Hot Rod

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The half-time of Friday nights game between the Utah Jazz and the Sacramento Kings was devoted to honoroing Hot Rod Hundley, long time voice of the Jazz. There were some misty eyes in the Energy Solutions Arena as a new banner featuring a microphone and the phrase, 3,051 games called, was unveiled before the almost 20,000 fans in attendance. The emotion for this dearly loved man was almost tangible in the building. His was the voice synonomous with the Jazz team for 35 years and arguably one of their biggest fans. In his play by play delivery of the games he demonstrated all the enthusiasm, delight and accuracy one coud hope for. It was his good fortune to be blessed with a distinct, easily recognizable and readily understood voice and our good fortune to be on the listening end. Unlike some current radio personalities, when “Hots” called a game you didn’t have to strain to make sense of the jargon. If you were listening, you heard every word.