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Basketball Season Begins

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The 2014-2015 basketball season is now underway and with it all the hopes and expectations of millions of fans throughout the country. Fans of the Utah Jazz are hoping for much better this year. It was hard coming to the end of a period when the team seemed to nearly always finish near the top of the heap instead of near the very bottom. Hopefully this year will show some of the improvement everyone is hoping for. Fans would like to see their players spending a lot more time near their own basketball backboard and not so much down at the opponents end.
The roster is looking pretty good as the season opens with a group of young, energetic players who seem to have come together as a team favorably. Returning Gordon Hayward has put up some good numbers in pre-season play and the new additions to the team look promising. Unfortunately the team posted losses for the first two games of the season but the third try was the charm and they handily beat the Phoenix Suns with a score of 118-91. Here is hoping for many more wins in the coming months for the team. One thing is for sure, anxious eyes will be watching to see how the Utah Jazz handle themselves during this 2014-2015 journey season.