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Basketball Season Begins

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The 2014-2015 basketball season is just around the corner and fans all over the country are filled with excitement and anticipation. Utah Jazz followers are expecting to have a better season this year. It is hard for them to accept that towards the end of every season, their team almost always finishes at the bottom. They are hoping this year will be better for their team. They would like to see the team shooting more goals in their own basketball backboard than spending a lot of time on defense at the opponent’s side.

This season’s team roster looks very promising with its new set of players. The new players are young and energetic athletes that makes a very good combination for the team. Gordon Hayward has returned and brought the team some good scores during the pre-season play offs.

The team lost their first two games for this season but was able to recover with their third game. They easily defeated Phoenix Suns with their score of 118 – 91. Hopefully, the team will win more games for the remaining months of the season.