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Basketball Standards, Hoops and Goals – What’s the Difference?

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Robbins Sports offers a wide selection of basketball equipment and apparel. Potential customers are confused on what items to buy that will fit their needs. Most of their confusion is regarding their basketball standards, goals and hoops and what each item entails.

Basketball standard: These are the most expensive. They are either stationary or portable. Think of the type of basketball system used in the NBA or at the playground. It is the backboard, rim, net and pole.

Basketball Hoop: The basketball hoop is a combination of net, rim and backboard but without the pole. It is like what you see in the High School gym. Most probably you will see some basketball standards that the basketball team uses for real games. The basketball hoops are attached to the surrounding walls. The rim, net and backboard are attached to an existing structure.

Basketball Goal: The name of this equipment is taken from its intended purpose. Goal is something you strive for. In sports, the goal is where you must score points. Just like in basketball, the goal is just the other name for the rim.

When you are buying sports equipment, you must know the difference between different technical terms that are associated with every sport. You might buy something you did not need.

Nishan Wilde is the VP of Sales at Robbins Sports and Athletics. It is an online resource for top of the line Basketball Hoops, the Seiko S149 Stopwatch and the Ultrak L10 Lane Timer.