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Basketball To Cheer About

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Fans of the team Utah Jazz must be feeling really down right now. It’s bad enough that it is January and we have to contend with the snow and cold weather. We won’t even get to watch the Utah team play and win the games. After losing their last 5 straight games, they are already in a major setback. Things look like they are not getting any better and their next game is pitted against the San Antonio Spurs. We Jazz fans feel like there’s a dark cloud hanging over our heads.

It’s not all bad because as a true blue basketball fan, tonight tune in and join the collegiate basketball’s “big ticket”. BYU ranked number 9 and was led by JimmerFredette, their star guard. They will be matched against SDSU who ranks number 4. Whoever wins this highly anticipated game will win the undisputed position of first place in the league standings.

At the Marriot Center, the tickets was a sell-out to a crowd of 23,000 fans. They will be cheering for their home team as well as the NBA scouts and sport writer hosts. A lot is on the line for both of these teams. Despite all the hype, the coaches of both teams are doing their best to keep their members on track. Coach Rose of BYU agreed that this was an important match-up but said that it will be best for both teams to treat this like another game and see it as strictly business. Cougars is expected to take care of business. We are certain that once the team in the BYU basketball uniforms steps in the court, they are fully focused and all ready to play.

Utah fans are lucky that there is a basketball game worth getting excited about. All eyes should be on the portable scoreboards.