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Basketballs’ David and Goliath Teams

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The Los Angeles Lakers are at it again, trying to defend their Larry O’Brien Championship trophy for this season and they begin it by facing the eight-seeded and young Oklahoma City Thunder squad.

The Lakers are the heavy favorite to win the Western Conference First Round match-up against the OKC Thunder as the first seed and defending champion. It is like a series between David and Goliath with the Thunder as the underdog David and the Lakers as the huge Goliath.

The first four games went back and forth. The Thunder team was playing above expectations against the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers to a tied series at 2-2. It is now down to a best of three affair for both squad and Game 5 is a crucial one. The trio of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are leading the charge for the young Thunder squad even with the huge combination of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

Millions of basketball fans around the world are rooting for this “David” team from Oklahoma. After all, many sports fans like to root for the underdogs as they overcome the mighty “Goliath. Both teams defended their home courts very well with the Game 4 crushing of the Thunder at their turf. Durant led all scoring with 22 points. The team held Bryant to his lowest scoring output in the playoffs this season. The Thunder raced to a 29 to 17 lead in the first quarter and they never relinquished this lead. The game ended with 110 – 89 in favor of the home team, the David team.

Game 5 is set to be played at Staples Center and the Lakers have defended their home court very well since the regular season. The budding trio from the OKC should keep their high energy and fast paced game in order to beat the towering menace of the Lakers plus the clutch plays of Bryant.

Will the Thunder steal a win in Game 5? It would be difficult to tell, but many are rooting for the Thunder as the underdogs and how their Cinderella story will go about. One thing is for sure, basketball fans are being treated with one of the best playoff series between legitimate future Hall of Famer Bryant and the budding stardom of Durant and Westbrook.

Durant is expected to lead the charge for the Thunder with his scoring and defense with Westbrook manning the point, Serge Ibaka guarding the paint against the Lakers’ twin towers and Harden giving boost off the bench.

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