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Best Of The Best In Coaching

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Recently George Karl of the Denver Nuggets was named as 2012-2013 NBA Coach of the Year. That is an honor to be sure and the first time this 25 year veteran of professional basketball has received this award. He lead his team to a 57 win season and did so in a manner of humility unlike many of the other current coaches. He was emotional in accepting his “long-time-coming” award and thanked everyone he could possibly think of from as far back as he could probably remember. So different it was than some of the fairly recent acceptance speeches from honorees who failed to thank almost anybody and seemed convinced that their success was due solely to themselves. Karl spoke of the “oneness” that permeated the team and organization as a whole this past season and said it was a shared honor for each of them. What a refreshing change in a sport that is increasing ripe in egotism. It seems there is no shortage of superstars with loads of talent and even larger amounts of self absorption who are full of demands and ultimatums. How pleasant to see a much deserved award go to an individual who actually accepts it with humility and restraint. Well done, George Karl.