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Best Of The Best In Coaching

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Denver Nuggets coach George Karl was named the NBA’s Coach of the Year for the season 2012-2013. It took him 25 years to win this award. He led the Nuggets to 57 wins.

Karl is known for his humble ways. This is a characteristic that is lacking in other coaches. It is also the reason why he is much loved in the city. In his acceptance speech, he thanked everybody that came to his mind. An emotional Karl gave an inspiring speech as well.

His speech was more heartfelt than the recent winners. He focused on the team being one in achieving their goals. There is something about Karl that when he speaks, people see the emotion in what he says. It is a far cry from the egoistic speeches that others gave.

It just shows that even in success, George Karl is a far different man. He is the kind who should be respected through and through.