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Best Sports For Burning Calories

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Are you looking for a sport that you can totally get into and burn a ton of calories in the process? That is likely something most of us would be interested in.
If you are a runner you may be interested to know that runners who run at a pace of 8 miles per hour burn up to 861 in that length of time. Naturally this number varies depending on how fast or slow you are running and how much energy you are actually expending. If you are running approximately 5 miles per hour you would still be burning over 600 calories in an hours time.
Running, then, is an excellent way to burn off unwanted fat. Compared to high intensity aerobic activity it comes out on top with over 300 more calories burned per hour.
Putting on your cycling jersey and cycling at a leisurely rate typically burns just under 300 calories an hour. Again, the number of calories burned would increase with the intensity put into the exercise. Keep in mind that these numbers are based on a person weighing 160 pounds so it would vary up or down for one weighing more or less than that amount.
Hiking is an exercise that combines fairly intense physical output with some high fat burning results; over 400 calories per hour. Not too bad for an activity that allows you to enjoy nature and the great outdoors at the same time you are accomplishing a productive workout.
Right up there with the high calorie burn as running is jumping rope. While that may sound pretty great, it’s hard to imagine someone being able to stick with that routine for very long.
Swimming is a great exercise that is easy on the joints and pleasurable and can burn upwards of 400 calories an hour. It also sounds a lot more interesting and doable than jumping rope for an extended period of time.
While it may be helpful to know the range of calories one can expect to burn while participating in various sports, it is probably even more important to find the exercise that you enjoy doing and are willing to commit the time necessary to get the results you desire.