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“Big” Changes For Jazz Organization

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Utah Jazz has some interesting changes this week.

First, Jeff Hornacek the assistant coach was pirated by Phoenix Suns to be their head coach. Jeff has been with Utah both as a valuable player and assistant coach under Jerry Sloan and Tyrone Corbin. The Jazz organization will miss his presence.

Second, there was an announcement yesterday that a former Jazz player will be wearing their basketball jersey once again to assist the team. Karl Malone will be stepping into the assistant coach vacancy. He was at one time the all-star power forward of the team. Malone had long been expressing his interest in coaching the team and was delighted to be offered the position. Jazz players are equally thrilled to have him onboard as their new assistant coach, especially Derrick Favors who requested that Malone to tutor him.

Hopefully, these changes will improve the team play of the current roster and Malone will enjoy his new role as assistant coach. No one knows the game better than Karl but it’s a different matter when it comes to transferring this knowledge to the players.