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Big Changes In Jazz Roster

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Summer has brought some hopeful and interesting changes in the Utah Jazz lineup for the 2013-2014 season. There’s a frenzy going on with the NBA with the boom of free agent marketing and players coming in and leaving the teams. It might take a couple of months before things settle down and Utah Jazz will be able to announce their permanent line up of players who will be wearing their basketball uniforms when October comes.

The summer league tournament will be happening in Orlando. It features 10 teams that includes Utah Jazz. It is a showcase of new players displaying their talents. This event runs from July 7 to 12.

Rookie Trey Burke’s acquisition of Utah has created so much talk. He became member of the team via a draft night trade. Burke has proven that he has real talent by leading his team to the NCAA championship. He was also chosen National Player of the Year before the went to the 2013 draft.

The recent trades includes Big Al Jefferson who will transfer to Charlotte and will become the front line addition of the Bobcats. Paul Millsap ends his 7 year contract with the Jazz and signed a 2 year and 19 Million dollar contract with the Atlanta Hawk. Another Jazz player was traded with the Golden State Warriors. Andres Biedrins and Richard Jefferson were exchanged for 2 unprotected first round draft picks, one from 2014 and another in 2017.

As a team, there had been so many changes taking place not just for the team but as a whole community. Several of the players will have to relocate to a new area with their families as well as change their kid’s schools, find new friends and homes. With all these shifts, the Utah Jazz is becoming a much younger team that eventually will encounter growing pains as their new players gain maturity and improve their experience as they age.

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