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Blazing Hot Jazz

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In Wednesday night’s game, Jazz came out like a blaze in contrast to Portland Trailblazers’ sludgy start off. The Blazers seemed out of control and could not retaliate to Jazz’s scoring spree.

Brandon Roy was missing all the action so Portland was losing badly but even then they were already lethargic at the start of the game. 72% of the shots came from Jazz in the first quarter and up to the halfway mark. They slowed down a bit but was still leading by 17 points. Portland recovered for a bit and came back getting 4 points ahead of Jazz but that was as far as they went.

A big problem for Jazz was the turnovers which they had 21 for the entire game which made 40 points for the Portland Blazers. Even so, Utah went home the winners with a final score of 106-95. After their 6 games losing streak, winning against the Blazer made their victory so sweet.