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Boozer Heads For Chicago

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Well, it happened – just like most people thought that it would. Carlos Boozer once again jumped ship and went for the money. It was confirmed yesterday that he signed with the Chicago Bulls for a reported 80 million dollar, five year contract. No big surprise. There is no doubt that the guy is a terrific player (when he feels like playing) but the problem is that there are far too many times when he doesn’t seem to put his heart into his work and it shows. It will be interesting to see if his work ethic changes now that he is in a city and with a team that perhaps holds a bit more interest for him. Hopefully, he’ll step up to the plate and work to earn the huge paycheck he’ll be getting. If not, the Chicago fans will, no doubt, end up having similar feelings about him to those of the Utah fans who were skeptical about his excuses for missing SO many games. Obviously, that Jazz are now left with a much weaker team without Boozer. One has to hope that the Jazz management knows what they are doing and that they have plans to land a player who can compliment Deron Williams and that can deliver the kind of talent that will be necessary. If not, we are going to be in for a disappointing year.

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