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Boozer Is Out Of Action Again

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Weird accidents happen and they tend to happen to every time at the same time. It is interesting to note that Carlos Boozer has recently been so accident prone. He sustained an injury that will prevent him from playing the sport he is paid a lot to play. Ironically, the injury he received this time was not sports related. It was not an injury he acquired while playing or practicing his sport which is basketball. It was the result of the accident that happened at his home when he tripped over a bag that was on the floor.

He broke the 5th metacarpal bone in his shooting hand and the damage will require him to undergo surgery. The latest addition to his long list of problems is that he received the confirmation that Jazz is moving him to another team. This time this other club will be playing his expensive salary while he is still recuperating. The rumors are that it will take him around 2 months before he gets well enough to play on the court or if meets another accident, it could get longer than that.

Though Carlos Boozer seems to be so misfortunate lately, when it’s about missing out on his games and getting injured, he still feels he is not unlucky. His former Jazz teammates all agree in bidding him well wishes and feel awful that he sustained another setback.

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