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Boston Celtics – When Are They Going To Lose?

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The hottest NBA team right now is the Boston Celtics. They have powerful players like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to lead their team. They play very well, being a balanced team who can hold both a strong offense and defense on both ends. The longest winning streak recorded is done by Washington Capitols in 1948 and Houston Rockets in 1993. It is possible Celtics is within these records.

Right now, the Boston Celtics are 7-0. It is quite an impressive record but what is more amazing is how they were able to achieve it. On the average, the Celtic defeated their rivals by going more than 17 points per game. This season, the only time they got close to losing a game was with the Raptors where they scored 98-95 in overtime. The KG and team held on strong and showed that they not only could defeat teams out but they could make close wins as well.

In order for the Celtics to start a new season with a winning streak, they have to win the next 9 games that is already lined up for them. Considering the competition they have it is very possible they could win every game. The next 9 games in Boston’s schedule are as follows: the Heat, the Magic, the Warriors, the Lakers, the Bobcats, the Cavs, the Knicks, again the Heat, and again the Cavs.

Among all the teams in that line-up only the Magic and the Lakers are above the .500 rating. What’s more, the Lakers did not have enough strength to break down Boston’s difficult line-up. So it all depends on Orlando Magic. It comes down on whether Dwight Howard will be able to cope with Kevin Garnett or whether Rashard Lewis could win over Ray Allen, his former teammate. It will also depend if the rest of the Magic teammates will be able to handle Paul Pierce. It is just my opinion but the Magic doesn’t have the manpower to beat the Celtics. Currently, the Celtics are too hot that they are very hard to beat.

I predict the Celtics will be at 11-0 and bring their streak to 18-0. But on their 19th game, they lose to the Chicago Bulls.

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