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Boxing Continues To Be “Magic” For Many

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The sport of boxing continues to draw many new devotees and tends to keep enthusiasts of all ages. It is a sport that is credited for saving many youth from what might have been a perilous future. Strapping on a pair of boxing gloves and taking out frustrations and anger have been a lifeline for scores of individuals who praise the sport they have learned to love. Golden Glove organizations exist in over thirty communities throughout the country and provide opportunities to learn and excel in the boxing ring. These programs also offer valuable lessons in the importance of hard work and the necessity for discipline in ones life. The coaches in these program consider boxing a tough and serious but wonderful sport in which to be involved. They also stress that one doesn’t have to be a “natural athlete” to be successful because anyone who is willing to commit and put up a real effort can progress.
Boxing rings throughout the country have become second homes for many individuals who have embraced a sport that seems to transform their lives. It’s ironic that a place where people get punched and beaten is also a haven and a place of healing.