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Boxing For Fun And Fitness

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If you are already bored with your usual exercise routine, you can head to the gym and try something new. It is the latest attraction in addition to the treadmill or the stationary bike. It makes use of a punching dummy and it is an amazing new workout that gives you a great time.

Boxing as a sport has gained increasing popularity not just as way to fight tension and stress. It is also a great exercise that burns fat and tones your muscles. It’s true that the amount of calories that are burned during the workout will depend on the effort exerted during the exercise. According to experts, a person weighing 150 kilos and spends 1 hour of exercise boxing with an opponent or a punching bag could possibly burn more than 500 calories. These are very good results for one hour of exercise that is both exciting and fun.

Boxing is a social activity that is attracting more and more people. People go in groups of 15 to 20 people to clubs and gyms offering boxing. They spend their time exercising by sparring against each other or by participating in pad work. A good pair of boxing gloves is the only equipment you need for this sport. The group will be split in half and half the time you will be throwing punches at your sparring partner. After that, you will switch sides and you will be the one receiving the punches. You both get the practice that you need, the exercise your body requires and the socialization for your emotional health. Boxing is a complete workout.

The several benefits you can expect is weight loss, improved muscle tone, increased body agility and coordination and overall better health. This is considered a cardio-workout that has advantages for the whole body. It is an efficient way of toning the quadriceps and the derriere because of its repetitive arm movements and squats required for the sport.

Above all, you get the added bonus of releasing your stress and frustrations. This is something which everyone can definitely use. To sum it all up, boxing is one of the sports that gives you the best results while you are enjoying your time and creating new friends. If you still haven’t tried this sport, then make it a point to include it in your “to-do” list in getting a top of the line exercise.