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Boxing For Fun And Fitness

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If you are interested in getting in shape (or staying in shape) and are bored with the routine of grabbing your gym bag and heading to the local athletic club for some time on the treadmill or the stationary bike, there is good news.
Consider swapping the treadmill for a punching bag or a punching dummy and getting an amazing workout and a great time.
The sport of boxing has become increasingly popular not only as a way to combat tension and relieve stress but also as a great way to burn fat and tone muscles. Who doesn’t want to do that? It is true that the number of calories you burn during a workout depends upon the amount of effort you expend but according to some experts a person who weighs in the neighborhood of 150 and spends one hour boxing against an opponent (or a punching bag) can expect to burn over 500 calories. That is some pretty great results for spending an hour doing something that is exciting and fun.
More and more people are finding that boxing is also a social activity. There are gyms and clubs where people gather in groups of 15 to 20 and spend their exercise time sparring against one another and participating in pad work. All the equipment that is necessary for this is a good pair of boxing gloves. The group is divided in half and part of the time you spend throwing combination punches at your opponent (who is blocking them with his/her boxing gloves) after which you trade sides. You get the practice you need, the exercise you require and the socialization you like. Not a bad way to get in a great workout.
Some of the benefits you can expect to see are weight loss, increased agility and coordination, improved muscle tone and overall better fitness. Boxing is considered a cardio-workout that benefits the entire body. It is a particularly effective way to tone the quadriceps and the bottom due to the repeated arm movements and the squats that are required for this sport.
As if those benefits were not enough there is also the amazing bonus of working out frustration and stress which is something almost everyone can use. All in all, boxing is a pretty great way to see some significant results. If you are one who has not yet tried this popular sport, why not put it on your to-do list as a great way to get in a top-notch workout.