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Boxing Great Finishes His Last Fight

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Former Middleweight champion Gene Fullmer passes away recently at the age of 83. The man may not have been as legendary as other more famous fighters. What distinguishes him was the way he was as a man. He was humble and very much not like a boxer, or what people thought a boxer should behave. He fought 13 championship fights and he fought his best in every one of them. 

He conducted himself in the ring as a disciplined fighter. He was smart in and out of the ring. He worked hard to maintain his good condition, and he trained hard to keep in the peak of his abilities. He was the pride of West Jordan, Utah. He also had two brothers, Jay and Don, who were also boxers. The brothers brought fame and notoriety to their hometown. Sadly, Gene’s brothers had preceded him in death.

Gene Fullmer won the middleweight championship in 1957, with a purse of $10,000. He had 55 wins before he hung up his boxing gloves. He was later inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. During the years as a boxer, and even into retirement, he was a humble man who was always the small town boy.