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Boxing Great Hangs On

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In the world of boxing there are not many names more well recognized than Floyd Mayweather. This 37 year old has been in and out of the boxing ring for the past 16 years and is considered to be the richest man in the sport having reaped the benefits of his considerable success. His last bout against Argentine boxer, Marcos Maidana almost cost him his unbeaten record as Mayweather gave it everything he had and barely escaped with the win. Maidana’s boxing gloves connected with their target twice as often as did those of Mayweather in this latest bout but the effectiveness of the champ prevailed. The bout lasted twelve long rounds and the majority decision was booed by fans at the MGM arena where the match took place. Maidana is calling for a rematch suggesting that Mayweather is merely a mediocre boxer.
This was the 45th consecutive match were Mayweather has come out on top and claimed the prize, in this case an impressive 32 million dollars. Not bad for a nights work.