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Boxing Great Makes His Exit

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Recently the boxing world said good-by to one of it’s long-time champions as “Smokin” Joe Frazier passed away at the age of 67. From the time when young Joe first strapped on a pair of boxing gloves, and stood in front of a punching bag and through the four decades that followed, he maintained his love for the sport of boxing. He was thought by some in the boxing world to be unmatched in his ability to keep getting back up when he got knocked down. George Foreman remembers fighting Frazier over a quarter of a century ago and watching Frazier get up after being knocked to the floor six different times in the match. His respect for Frazier was immense as was the respect of dozens of other boxing greats around the world.
Another tribute came from boxing icon, Don King, promoter extraordinaire, who expressed that Joe Frazier’s ability to take the kind of punishment he received in the ring was legendary and exceptional and would not be forgotten by the thousands who watched him fight.
Perhaps Joe Frazier is best remembered as a warrior in the three fights he had against Muhammed Ali. Although Frazier lost the last of those two fights, his tenacity and courage will be long remembered by those who witnessed the matches. Ali added his respect and tribute to the thousands of others that poured in at Frazier’s passing and expressed that the world had lost a great champion.