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Boxing, Is It Dance Or Exercise?

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Exercise lovers might get a kick out of boxing since there might be some similar footwork involved. The sport requires a lot of coordination between feet and hands. This is the same coordination needed in dancing. In fact boxing has become the sport of choice for dozens of men and women.

Those who lace up their boxing gloves in gyms reap the benefits of this exercise. This includes a healthier body and a sound mind. Others who are into the sport but want a little more privacy set up their own punching bag in their homes.

There are several reasons why boxing has become a popular form of exercise. First, it is easier to achieve the desired results in boxing. Second, it offers great cardio-vascular benefits because it promotes better circulation of the blood. Third, it strengthens different muscle groups like the arms, abdomen, legs, chest, shoulders and back. If you want to firm up your body, this is the best exercise.

You can do this exercise with a sparring partner or solo in the privacy of your home. The exercise offers a lot of benefits for the body and mind.