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Boxing: Is There A Decline In Interest?

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The 1940’s are considered by many to be the heyday of the sport of boxing. In those days, likely most people were aware of the “big names” who were competing in this challenging, physically demanding sport such as Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman and Rocky Marciano among others. When the Kings of the Ring laced up their boxing gloves for a match, these events were widely publicized and widely attended. In the ensuing years, boxing seemed to diminish in popularity for a variety of reasons. One would be the increase in popularity of other sporting activities which claimed a large number of participants and those who liked to watch these sports. Many of these events (football, baseball, golf and soccer) could be viewed frequently on television due to the extended season of those sports and the frequency of their games. With the major boxing matches it was different because they occurred rather infrequently be comparison. Instead of a season consisting of 160 plus games as in baseball, big time boxing matches usually occur only 2-3 times a year. The big boxing matches also do not typically air on major network television stations but rather on a pay-per-view basis. While not nearly as many people tune in to those pay-per-view stations, boxing has commanded the largest audiences of those who do. For those who possess a large selection of channels for their viewing, boxing can be watched on the television screen 352 days of the year.
As more and more talented boxers step into the arena to begin their careers, interest is likely to accelerate to higher levels like it has done in the past. Whether it is baseball, hockey, football or any other sport, people love to watch talented individuals who are at the top of their games. This is true of boxing as well. If someone arrives on the scene and shows that he has some real talent he will attract followers, word will spread and more and more people will show interest.
The area of boxing interest that has really taken off is that of boxing for exercise. It would be hard to find a gym that does not offer a class of some level of boxing. The sport of boxing for exercise has proven to be extremely effective in weight control, muscle development and toning, stress reduction and personal satisfaction.
Boxing in one form or another has been around for a very long time and it is extremely likely that it will remain a sport of interest for a good many people.