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Boxing – Should Brothers Fight Brothers?

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It is a common thing in the world of sports that member of the same family will pursue the same line of sports. There are families that are known for their skill in a particular sport like basketball, football, tennis, golf, boxing, and martial arts. Sometimes, it starts with their fathers who are champions or coaches of this particular sporting team and later on the sons or daughters are engaging in the same sport. What is interesting is when they compete against each other.

Just like what happened to the Manning brothers, Eli and Peyton, who are both professional players of football. There is also the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena who are famous tennis players. They often have matches where they are pitted against each other.

While it is acceptable to watch sister versus sister on the tennis court and brother against brother on the football field, it’s a different feeling when you watch brothers boxing each other. It’s tough to watch two brothers put on their boxing gloves and hit each other inside the boxing ring. It’s a very brutal sport and each one might suffer life-long consequences due to the injuries.

Two brothers from Ukraine, Wlad and VitaliKlitschko, are top professional boxers who promised their mother that they will never fight against each other in the boxing ring. They both feel that as brothers, it will never be a win-win situation. A lot tend to agree with the two and feel there are certain lines that must not be crossed.