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Boxing World Dominated By Seasoned Athletes

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In the world of boxing, the ones taking home the trophies are not the young and strong newcomers but rather the seasoned boxers who have been around for decades. This man who became the greatest boxer of this era declared that it is his mission to reign the boxing arena when he was a young man.

In 2013, Floyd Mayweather signed on with Showtime and as of date, has to win just 2 more matches to fulfill his contract. Currently, his record stands at 47 wins and zero losses. He has a line-up of contenders to defeat his record. Mayweather, who wore his first boxing gloves when he was still a young man now has won over $400,000,000 in his boxing career. Now at his age of 37, this champion still continues to claim more victories. It will take a lot from the younger generation to achieve the same level of accomplishments that Mayweather and his contemporaries has achieved.