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Brett Favre, The Invincible Man?

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They say that it’s hard to beat the odds once starts to get older. But in the case of Brett Favre that is not true. He was at the prime of his life when he played for the Green Bay Packers. He retired in 2008 after 15 years of being their quarterback. He returned to playing in the field but this time for a different team. He was traded over to the New York Jets where he played for 1 year before declaring his 2nd retirement. He made a comeback. This time he signed up with Minnesota Vikings, the archrival team of the Green Bays.

He received mixed reactions to this move. Some people say Favre made a mistake in making a comeback because he was no longer as agile as he was. His loyalty to the team was questioned. But he did anyway and the rest became history.

During Sunday’s game where they played against Dallas Cowboys, Favre made 4 touchdowns resulting in a 34-3 win for Vikings to the astonishment of Dallas fans. He was 40 years old. Winning the game qualifies Minnesota for the NFC Championship next Sunday to face off with the New Orleans Saints.

After the game last Sunday, Favre announced that the most exhausting part was the celebration of the victory and admitted that his adrenalin rush brought him back into the game. The prospect of winning the big game was a major factor. If he brings victory once again to the team when they meet up with the Saints next week, he will find himself at the Super Bowl center stage.