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Bucks Run Away From Jazz

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Jazz is defeated by Milwaukee Bucks with an 87-95 ending their 3 game winning streak. They are falling behind and they will have a hard time climbing back up again. The team had played at least 5 games into this season and was able to recover their deficit of 88 points in claiming the victory.

But not this Friday night because Kirilenko went out to play with a strained left calf and left the team after playing for a few minutes. Without his long arm defense combined with missed 3 point shots at 10 attempts, the team was doomed. The score got tied at 87 and with just 36 seconds on the clock, Milwaukee made an 8-0 run that ended their fate.

Sadly, the teams that Jazz was competing with for the top spots in the Western Conference, also played last night but emerged as winners. The team will have to regroup and be ready for the game versus Oklahoma City on Sunday which they desperately need to win.