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BYU Is Forced To Go With Only One Quarterback

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Two heads is better than one. That popular saying is not applicable all the time. Sometimes going solo is the best choice. This holds true for BYU as they had no choice but to play their games with just one quarterback because of the recent injury of one of their players, Riley Nelson. Originally, their Coach decided to play two quarterbacks, Jake Heaps and Nelson but that did not happen. Nelson is a very capable player but not a very good one. It is not an ideal situation if you try to divide the play and time between two quarterbacks. The Cougars are now forced to use just Heaps as their quarterback and it’s a good thing that they can focus on perfecting their play. The scores of Heaps will need a lot of improvement and he admits that himself. He’ll need to train more so he can help make his team win.

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