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Cam Newton Wins Heisman In Spite Of Scandal

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The latest press release of Cam Newton of Auburn won the Heisman Trophy this year which was not surprising to a lot of people. This young man, a Georgia nativehad an exceptional year and had received 1,184 points more than Andrew Luck, the runner up in vying for the sought-after award. Though no one contests Auburn’s talented quarterback, his history is blemished.

He is currently being investigated regarding allegations that his father offered to send his son to study in Mississippi State for $180,000 and that is a clear violation of the NCAA rules. Additionally, Newton left his previous school, which is University of Florida. He was accused of burglary, larceny and academic cheating. The larceny and burglary charges were eventually dropped. Newton continues to refuse to give comments about his cheating.

Even with a muddled past, this young sportsman rose to stellar heights by leading his team to win over second ranking Oregon. You can deeply appreciate the skills of Cam Newton but you can’t help but question his character regarding the latest findings.

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