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Can Boxers Prevent Injury?

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Many people view professional boxing as a gruesome and brutal sport. It is a fact that many injuries are incurred by participants in this sport, yet the same can be said of many other physically intense activities such as football, rugby and hockey. While there is no sure-fire way to completely avoid injury, learning the correct techniques in whatever sport it is that you plan to become involved in will go a long way toward reducing the potential for injury.

Using the correct gear will also increase protection and allow the participant to compete to their full potential. Boxing, like other sports, involves equipment and gear which can not only assist one in becoming proficient at the activity but also in protecting the body. Serious boxers obviously want to wear well made, high quality boxing gloves which will serve to protect their all-important hands. Taping of the hands is another way to provide further protection for knuckles and wrist bones when hitting either an opponent or when training with a punching bag. Another advantage of taping the hands is that it makes the first rock hard which is obviously more effective when striking an object. Using good judgement, applying correct techniques and securing the correct equipment will dramatically increase the potential for success and safety.