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Can The Incidences of Football Injuries Be Decreased?

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Last year there were a lot of devastating football injuries that were reported. It could also mean that media has been very aggressive in reporting these incidents. People are made more aware of the harsh consequences of being brutally hit in the gridiron. Several former football players who retired their football jerseys commented on the incidents and the growing number of dangerous situations.

Steve Young was open about the fact he sustained multiple injuries from being hit hard during the football games. These incidences led to his early retirement from the sport. Recently, Austin Collie, a former BYU player who transferred to Indianapolis Colts, has been receiving several head concussions. The latest incident was in early December when he was hit by Daryl Smith, Jacksonville linebacker. In less than 6 weeks, he received another concussion which is his 3 within 7 weeks. This number is alarming by any standard even on portable scoreboards.

Is there anything that can be done to avoid getting these injuries? Some people suggest that the number of eligible receivers should be increased so it would result to lesser tackles by very large linemen or safety’s which will help in reducing injuries. Another suggestion was to expand the “neutral zone” so the players that are defending the quarterback will have time to position themselves correctly to ward off the blows. Someone suggested that they should expand the area between the hash marks which is currently at 18 ½ feet so that the playing field will not have all the players bottled up in the middle of the field where most of the injuries and action occur. There are other ideas that are worthy of mention as they are methods that can be used in reducing the instance of injuries while playing in the field.