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Can The Jazz Take The Heat?

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It’s an exciting night for the boys in the Utah Jazz basketball uniforms. Tonight they will go head to head with NBA’s best team. Records show that Miami Heat may not be the league’s best team but since they have the 3 best players in the country playing in their roster, they could be worthy of that title. For the record, Miami has a 5-2 standing before tonight’s game and Jazz has a 3-3. Though it is not impossible for Jazz to win this game that will be to the Heat’s home court advantage. The better description would be that Utah is unlikely to win against the big 3 – Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James.

The sporting world is very unpredictable and holds a lot of surprises. You never know the results you’ll see on those portable scoreboards. Jazz fans are hoping their team will win with a blazing record against the Miami Heat.