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Can The Jazz Take The Heat?

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Tonight will definitely be an interesting match-up for the Utah Jazz. They will be going head to head with arguably the best team in the NBA. The record thus far in this early season may not indicate that the Heat are the best team in the league, however, owning three of the premier players in the entire country speaks to that status. Miami has a 5-2 record coming into tonight’s game and the Jazz are 3-3. It will not be impossible for the Jazz to win this match-up which will take place on the Heats home court but perhaps extremely improbable would be a more apt description of their chances against the “big 3”, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. A lot of funny things happen in the world of sports and you really just never know how a game is going to come out until it’s over. For that reason, many of us Jazz fans are hopeful that our team is going to come out red-hot against the Miami Heat.

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