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Can Tiger Find His Way Back?

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It has been five long months since that bizzare incident in front of Tiger Woods home opened up a can of worms that just will not go away. The media feeding frenzy that ensued after Woods admitted his indiscretions and infidelities has been almost non-stop. Now, it appears that some changes are brewing which will at least give some new fodder to the news hounds. Tiger announced yesterday that he would be back in action at long last after his disappearance from the golf scene last November. It was shortly after he won the Australian Masters that the story of his fall from grace took place. What a fall it was. There is an old saying that goes, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” and as far as popularity and world recognition go they do not come much “bigger” than Tiger Woods.

The U.S. Masters which takes place in Augusta, Georgia will be held on April 3 and Tiger Woods has indicated that he will be among the playing field for that event. One has to wonder how his return will be greeted. Certainly his sponsors are jumping for joy. After all, he is their biggest money maker. One thing seems certain and that is the locale for his return. Augusta has a reputation for being one of the classiest venues in the gold world and boasts a gallery that is arguably the most polite and well-mannered. Perfect choice for a tournament on which to re-enter the golf scene.

Meanwhile, there is curiosity about where Elin will be during Tigers’ reemergence. No doubt his handlers hope that she will be in attendance as a show of support for her husband. It is thought that her presence would go a long way in showing that she has forgiven her errant husband which would encourage his enormous fan base to forgive him as well.

The story continues and in three weeks we will get another installment of the ongoing preoccupation with Tiger Woods.

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