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Can Tiger Find His Way Back?

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It’s been 5 months since that incident that happened at Tiger Wood’s home that spilled a secret. The media went crazy after Woods admitted his infidelities and indiscretions. Now it seems there is something brewing that will keep the media buzzing once again. Tiger announced yesterday his return to the sports world after a long disappearance from the golf scene since last November. Shortly after winning the Australian Masters did the scandal take place. He fell really hard. It is according to an old saying that says the bigger they are, the harder they would fall. In terms of world recognition and popularity, no one comes close to Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods indicated that he will be joining the US Masters to be held on April 3 at Augusta, Georgia.How he will be accepted remains to be seen. His sponsors will be jumping for joy because he is a huge money maker. His return to his locale is something certain. Augusta is known to have a reputation of being a classy venue and boasts of a gallery that is well-mannered and most polite. This is the perfect choice for a tournament when you are planning to returning to the golf scene.

In the meantime, people are curious about Elin if she would be around during Tiger’s reentry. His handlers are hoping she will be attending to show support for her husband. They think her being there will go a long way to show that she has finally forgiven her erring husband and this will help encourage his huge fan base to be able to forgive him as well.

The story will continue and in 3 weeks we will get a follow up with Tiger Woods’ preoccupation.

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