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Capitalize On Your Natural Talents

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We do not all possess the same talents. Some are given the talent of great physical ability and are able to pursue and master almost any sport or activity that they might wish to tackle. Others find that they possess very little in the way of the strength, natural timing and endurance that would allow them to excel at sports, however, it may be that they are highly skilled in other areas, such as matters of business and logic. That does not mean that they cannot enjoy playing sports but rather that they should realize that they are unlikely to rise to the top echelon in that field. For most people, that is not a problem. They count sports as a hobby, a pressure reliever and an avenue for fun and exercise. It may well play an important part in their lives but if they are wise they will look to the areas in which they naturally excel when they are deciding what their lives work should be.

The happiest people are those that understand where their talents lie and then work to hone the skills and attributes necessary to become the best they can in those areas. Success breeds success, and if one is working in areas where they have already been able to achieve, it follows that they will be more likely to continue with their successful pattern. That does not mean that they can never venture into areas where they do not possess natural skills but they should understand that it is likely to take a lot more work and effort to find success in those areas and the odds are not in their favor. That said, it is good to keep learning throughout all of ones life. It is worthwhile to try to tackle new things and gain added knowledge and wisdom. One should never stop learning, it is one of the gifts of life. Just show wisdom in what you choose to spend the bulk of your time and talents on. Improve upon the gifts you have been given and you will be amazed at the heights you can reach.

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in Basketball Uniforms and Portable Scoreboards