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Caring Tradition Continues For Jazz Players

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Throughout the years the community has benefited greatly from the benevolent efforts of many former Jazzmen. There has been a long history of visiting sick children and donating time and money for the welfare of those who are struggling in some way. Kyle Korver (who was recently traded to the Chicago Bulls) was a prime example of an athlete who went out to his way to give of himself to others in need. Happily, that great condition of caring will continue this season with many of the Jazz players, including newcomer Al Jefferson. Jefferson grew up knowing what it was like to have to do without some of the things he wanted and he is working to see that some of the young people in his new hometown of Salt Lake City will not experience that same lack. He recently donated 40 backpacks filled with school supplies to forty children to get them started off right for the new school year. Acknowledging that he has been very blessed with talents and opportunities that have allowed him to play a sport that he loves while earning a great deal of money He wants to share some of his success by giving back and helping others. It’s nice for Jazz fans to be getting not only a tremendous new talent to benefit the team but also a genuinely nice guy who has his heart in the right place.

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