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Celtics Rise To The Occasion

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How great that on a night when key player Kevin Garnet didn’t offer much in the way of help for his fellow Boston teammates, the other players were able to take over and get the job done. And not only get the job done, but get it done in the hostile environment of the Staples Center. Celtic fans the world over must have been hootin and hollering for sure to see their team emerge victorious in last nights game 2 of the NBA playoff finals. Ray Allen was nothing short of spectacular, breaking the standing record of 7 three pointers in a playoff game. He threw down 8 of those beauties, propelling himself into a league of his own in the record books. His efforts alone, however, were not enough. Help came from Rajon Rondo who ended up with a triple double for the night. This win surely built the confidence of the Boston team who now is certain that they can beat these reigning champions. Enough already of L.A.’s dominance in the winners circle. It’s time for some new blood to step into that arena. Thursday nights game 3 will take place in Boston where there will be armies of fans ready to witness another Celtic victory.

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