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Celtics Rise To The Occasion

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What a great night that was! Even when Kevin Garnet did not give any help, the rest of the Boston team took over and got the job done. Not only did they get the job done, they did it in the hostile area of Staples Center. The Celtic fans all over the world were cheering for their team to come out as winners in game 2 of NBA playoff finals held last night. Ray Allen was spectacular, breaking the current record of 7 three pointers in the playoff game. He threw 8 three pointers making his own record. His own efforts were not enough. He got some help from Rajon Rondo who ended the game with 3 two pointers for the evening. The win boosted the Boston team’s confidence and feel they were certain they could beat the current champions. People had enough of LA domineering the court. It’s time someone new came up to the arena. Thursday night, game 3 will its place in Boston and their army of fans are willing to watch another Celtic victory.

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