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Cheerleading Tryouts: What you need to know to be prepared

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Engaging in any sports is such a great feat to do. It has so many benefits and of course, you get to enjoy it. The same is true for cheerleading. If you decide to try out for cheerleading, it will surely be one of the most exciting and as well as scary experiences to happen for young girls.

Just like any other sports, preparation and mindset are the keys in having success in trying out for cheerleading. Here are some tips to help you be ready for your cheerleading experience. The first thing in your preparation is to know the requirements for the cheerleading squad. Fundamental skills such as tumbling, cartwheels and round-offs can be required and some will look for advanced skills including back handsprings. Academic requirements are also necessary. Therefore, talk to the cheerleading director/coach before trying out for the team. After knowing the requirements, be ready with them. You can practice with your tumbling skills, prepare your body for the routines that the coach will want to do. Mentally, you have to be receptive on the commands of the cheerleading coach.

Start to improve the flexibility of your body. You can do this by doing stretching exercises at least 20 minutes a day. Increase the time a little further if you are new to cheerleading. Flexibility is important to have in everything a cheerleader does and there are many stretches you can do to increase your flexibility in your legs, back, and arms.

Make sure you focus on one skill at a time. After doing some stretching exercises, you can start with tumbling. Start with the fundamentals before moving up with advance tumbling moves. If you know someone from the cheerleading team, you can ask for assistance while you train, or if you do not have, watch videos online. You can find lots of tutorials there. Of course, while you practice, make sure that you still prioritize your safety. Consider having a cartwheel mat while you perfect your tumbling skills. At RobbinsSports.com, you can find the suitable cartwheel mat to use in learning and practicing various tumbling techniques.

Move up only to hone your cheerleading techniques once you are confident with your previous methods. You have to make your body feel comfortable in doing the basics. When learning and practicing more advanced tumbling skills, it is important to have an instructor and/or spotter present with you. They will help to ensure that you learn the advance techniques correctly as well as in preventing injury.

Examples of techniques you have to be familiar with are standing back handspring, tumbling pass, diaphragm cheers (make sure you cheer/yell appropriate words such as “Let’s go team!”, “We are number one!” instead of whoa), various jump styles such as spread eagle, toe-touch, front hurdler, and side hurdler.

Aside from being adept with the fundamental techniques in cheerleading, you have to be aware of the small things such as pointing your toes, placement of your arms correctly and projection through big smiles.

There are cases that you may have to learn some cheer routine and dance moves in the week of try-outs and be ready for it. These are designed to make try-outs fair for all the participants.

During the tryouts, bring your own water bottle, towel, snacks, extra hair bands as well as things to help you feel prepared and relaxed. Most importantly, be confident but not overconfident and give your best shot.