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Choosing Basketball As A Sport Can Score Big Benefits

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While there are dozens upon dozens of sports that one could choose from to become involved with, basketball is one of the most popular and widely played of any sport. It has a huge fan base and programs ranging from elementary school level clear up to the National Basketball Association. What is it about this particular sport that makes it one of the best?

For starters, basketball is a good form of exercise and it is commonly known that we need exercise to improve our health and well being. Unfortunately, many aspects of our modern lifestyles do not contribute to the fitness that can enrich and possibly extend our lives.For that reason we need to find ways to combat this growing problem that can be fun as well as worthwhile. The physical fitness that can be achieved through playing is beneficial not only for our bodies but for our mental and emotional health as well. As we learn skills that allow us to grow, perform and compete, our self-esteem increases.

Basketball is a game that can be played by as few as two people going one-on-one or just shooting the ball to see who can make the most baskets (as in the game of “horse.”) If you have access to a basketball hoop, you can spend hours practicing andf improving your shooting skills by yourself Many current NBA stars today did just that in their youth. Neighborhood pick-up games can involve the standard 5 on each team or fewer, or more, as the participants desire.

One can espect to do a lot of running when they play this sport which involves a lot of quick starts and burst of energy. Though it would not be considered a perfect “aerobic” activity, it provides a great workout that strengthens muscles, promotes concentration and builds endurance.

Another benefit that this sport provides is the opportunity to be part of a team. One learns to work together as a unit and develops friendships that can bring a great deal of enjoyment and comaraderie. If you are looking for a great sport for yourself or perhaps for your children to participate in, basketball has a lot to offer.