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Choosing the Best Fitness Testing Bike


The purpose of a fitness testing bike is to measure a user’s physical fitness. The U. S. Air Force and the federal fire departments use fitness testing bikes to ensure that their members are in the appropriate physical condition. Bikers also use the bikes to simulate different road conditions that they may encounter during their rides. 

Best Fitness Testing Bike

A good fitness-testing bike must be equipped with an electronic meter that determines the pedal-turns per minute, heart rate in beats per minute, cycling-time measured in minutes and seconds, and the intended cycling speed in kilometers or miles. A good fitness-testing bike should be equipped with adjustable braking power and should be capable of giving a reading of how many calories a cyclist has burned. 

The fitness-testing bike must have a pendulum balance that may be calibrated for different power settings. It should have mechanical braking power that operates by way of a belt running around the rim of the wheel. The belt works as a pendulum balance that measures the pulling power on the two ends of the belt. 

A fitness-testing bike must have a housed flywheel design for the rider’s safety. It should have outstanding quality and durability, and most importantly, accuracy in testing. Its design must be versatile to meet the demands of a commercial gym, rehabilitation center, or facilities for the elderly. 

The bikes should come equipped with software to analyze aerobic tests. It must have a tension control that can manipulate manual resistance as well as adjustable handlebars and seat. There are several brands that offer high-quality fitness testing bikes, including the Monark pendulum balance ergometer available through Robbins Sports.