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Clemens, Bonds and Rose – Who is Deserving of the Hall of Fame?

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With all the intrigues concerning the high profile steroid case of Roger Clemens, I thought of how scandals could affect an athlete’s career. Like Pete Rose who got banned for life from the Hall of fame. His case was betting on baseball as a player. Betting on the rival team then taking a dive is a major violation of the ethics of baseball. But most of the time Rose didn’t bet on the Reds. When he did, he bet that they will win. He didn’t take a dive or cheat to make instant money. He was just extremely confident his team would win and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now Pete’s situation is in contrast to that of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Barry Bonds is proven to have taken steroids to enhance his performance. He was not penalized because no one can prove he intentionally took steroids. The real situation is that Bond used illegal means to be where he is today. Will Bonds still be inducted to the Hall of Fame? He still most likely will. That isn’t fair. What’s more is that Bonds has faced so much criticism from media, the fans and the league. But he is just partly cut off from the game like Rose was – without cheating or getting some outside assistance to enhance his game.

Roger Clemens faces a similar situation like Bonds. Though the Clemens affair still remains to be proven, Roger already faced the gossips that centered on how the incident affects his attempt at the Hall of Fame. Though Roger possess a tarnished reputation, he will not be precluded from the Hall of Fame. Obviously, he is still active in baseball because he still pitches for the Yankees.

Banning Rose just seems like an extreme punish. He’s a dedicated player game in and game out He just made a mistake by betting on his own baseball team but he never threw a game or took a dive. He always played his best. Peter Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame compared to Bonds and Clemens who have substance issues.

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