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Coach Sloan Confident In New Rookie

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Gordon Hayward, the newly recruited Jazz rookie, had an interesting NBA debut. Jazz’s number 9 pick last summer came in hopeful that he could continue the energetic play that led his team to the win. Unfortunately, he did not come out of the gates when the game started to the disappointment of the fans. Coach Sloan still believed in him and gave the rookie play time on the court and score points on the portable scoreboards. He is confident Hayward will deliver as he did play the entire fourth quarter in the last 2 Jazz games.

In the game versus Minnesota, Hayward was able to secure the win with the impressive dunk that was followed by a free throw. But come Monday night with the game against Portland, he missed all 4 shots which added to the home loss. Sloan still believes that his new rookie will get better and will become an important player worthy of wearing the basketball uniforms of Jazz team.