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Come Back Kids Win Again

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Upon matching up with the Los Angeles Clippers the second time this week, it appears that Jazz is definitely out of shape and is shooting just 36% in their first quarter. You will expect that Clippers would not be in top performance since they just finished their second back to back road game. Instead, they were energetic while Jazz performed very little defense. They lost their rhythm due to an early foul incident. The team was down by no less than 10 points a good part of the game.

Though it is true that Utah played several games wherein they were able to bounce back after being down by several points. But this routine is certainly not something they should always count on. Tonight they once again was able to make it back from being behind and successfully claimed a victory. The credit must be given to Boozer for his excellent play. He earned the 40th double shot in this season’s game. While the Jazz’s shooting percentage only reached 45% for this night, they were able to grab 45 rebounds and made 54 shots on the court together with 28 assists which was enough for them to win the game. The Clippers ran out of energy during the fourth quarter which allowed Jazz to win with a score of 107-85.