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Coming Soon: European Fencing Championships


The European Fencing Championship is a top-level fencing competition held annually in Europe and organized by the European Fencing Confederation. This year’s fencing championship will be held in Tbilisi. Champion fencers from different European countries will participate. 

European Fencing Championship

The European Fencing Championship is different from the setup of the World Fencing Championships and the Fencing World Cup because there will be no exemptions granted to the top 16 fencers. An all fence round of pools will eliminate 20 to 30 percent of the participant fencers. Those who remain after the elimination pool will be competing in a direct elimination table. 

In the sport of fencing, two competitors fight with rapier-style swords. It is based on the traditional swordsmanship skills. A player scores a point by making contact with the opponent. Fencing uses different weapons and sets of rules. The sport can be divided according to the weapon used: epée, foil, and sabre. Competitors typically specialize in the use of just one type of weapon. 

There is some basic equipment involved with the sport. Fencing gear includes: 

  • Fencing jacket –The fencing jacket protects the fencer from injury. A jacket should be well-constructed to provide adequate protection. Jackets are made of either cotton or synthetic materials, with cotton being cheaper but heavier. The more costly synthetic material is lighter and offers better protection. 
  • Mask – The mask is used for protection. It must be sufficiently padded on the inside so it will not press on the chip or the top of the head. 
  • Gloves – Gloves are either electric or non-electric. Electric gloves are used for electric fencing. They come in standard sizes of small, medium, or large. You could get individually sized gloves to fit you perfectly, but they will be expensive. 
  • Foil – This weapon has a very thin blade with a blunted tip that is used for thrusting. Foil blades bend upon striking an opponent. They are designed in such a way as to prevent injuries. 
  • Sabre –The sabre blade is designed for cutting. It weighs only a few pounds. You can score a point with the edge of the blade, unlike with other weapons where you can only score a point by using the tip of the weapon.
  • Epée – This is similar to a foil but with a v-shaped blade and larger bell guard. It is heavier than the foil. 
  • Shoes – Advanced fencers spend a lot of money on top-flight shoes. If you are just beginning, you can use basic court shoes. 

Fencing is a fast-paced and exciting sport. Watch the European Fencing Championships from June 12 to 17 to see the pros in action.