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Common Workout Mistakes

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Most of us know the importance of exercise and the benefits it brings to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet there are those who still make mistakes with the exercise routines they choose that minimizes the benefits they get from these workouts. For example, around 50% of those who exercise fail to perform the right warm-up or stretching exercises before the actual workout. These pre-workout movements prepare our body for the endurance it needs and reduces any instance of injury. This applies not only to cyclists on their bikes wearing cycling jerseys, or to the players in their basketball jerseys dribbling the ball across the court. This is for everyone who is exercising in any form. The proper warm-up exercises loosens up the muscles so that you don’t experience any stiffness during exercise which is common among athletes.

Another problem would be that a lot of us do not change our exercise routines at all. The same workout routines do not challenge our muscles anymore. It does not excite our attitude or increase our stamina. Whenever we introduce a new technique it takes away the boredom we experience and our muscles are stimulated in a different way.

If you are one of those people who only do cardio exercises you may be missing out on some health benefits. Studies prove that combining cardio with weight –training is the best thing to do to maximize your results. Many thought that interval training was the best way to get an optimum workout.

Are you one of those people who exercise with weights and do repetitions? If you are, then you are losing some benefit with just weight training. Slow down and be aware of every move.