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Consider Boxing For Fun And Fitness

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If you are looking for a new sport that is fun and gives you a lot of health benefits, you may want to consider boxing. It may not be the sport that first comes to your mind, but with some research you will find out that it is worth considering.

Boxing has existed for quite some time and is one of the oldest known physical sports. The way the sport is played out today has changed so much when it was first played thousands of years ago. First of all, the sporting attire looks completely different from how it was originally designed. Those who initially engaged in boxing wrapped leather straps over their palms and wrists. Sometimes, they wore it over their torso for protection against injury.

This is so different from the scientifically advanced boxing gloves being sold today.

While several people find boxing to be an extremely physical sport, it is far less harmful than the way it was played during the initial stages of their existence. The old time matches ended with one of the players killed or maimed for live. Today, boxing is more civilized, and is played using guidelines that ensures fairness and safety of the players. To be efficient in this popular sport, you have to dedicate and spend most of your time in training. While having a partner to spar with is fun, you will need a punching dummy or punching bag to complete your exercises. The benefits of using one is that it is ready to take on a lot of physical pain without the need of an actual sparring partner.

Aside from being an entertaining sport, boxing is efficient in improving muscle tone, mental focus, and coordination. And we have not mentioned how many calories it can burn during one training session.