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Contador And Schleck In Front As End Of Tour Approaches

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For those who joined the Tour de France this year will be relieved that it will almost be over. By Sunday, the winner will be crossing the Paris finish line and the 2010 Tour will now be history, along with several of the riders’ hopes and dreams.

Lance Armstrong is leading those with high expectations for the race only to see his dreams crash unexpectedly along his way. He finished stage 17 4:12 behind the leaders which is the final mountain section of the tour. He sticks to his commitment in helping his teammates in Radio Shack to finish strong.

Meanwhile, Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck are leading the race. Schleck promised to put in a strong finish for stage 17. He delivered but was not able to grab the yellow jersey from Contador. Unless Schleck pushes harder or Contador weakens on the 32 mile trial tomorrow, it seems that Alberto Contador will win the Tour de France this year.

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