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Corruption In The World Of Sports

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Sadly, one of the things that people get a lot of enjoyment from, the field of sports, seems at times to be riddled with corruption. We hear of baseball players being suspended for using performance enhancing drugs and much loved athletes who sail across finish lines in their sponsored cycling jerseys only to learn of their substance abuse and subsequent fall from grace. All areas of sports seem to have examples of those who disrespect their sport by using illegal substances, or cheating in some way or another.
Most recently the news has been full of reports of abuse in the world of Soccer. FIFA (Federation International De Football Association). Charges have been made that this organization is guilty of deep-seated corruption, including racketeering. Soccer is recognized as the most popular sport in the world and generates billions annually. It appears that large amounts of money have been flowing into the accounts of various executives in exchange for favors. Seven individuals have been indicted and could receive sentences of up to 20 years if they are convicted.
Abuse has been suspected in this organization for many years and it is good that something is finally being done about the corruption. It is sad that such greed has to infiltrate areas of our lives that we derive so much pleasure from.