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Corruption In The World Of Sports

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It seems that corruption has penetrated every aspect of people's lives and this includes sports. News have spread of baseball players being suspended for the illegal use of performance enhancing drugs. There were also news of well-known athletes who crossed finish lines with sponsored cycling jerseys but also have substance abuse issues. Every kind of sport there is has been affected by these illegal substances or other kinds of cheating which resulted in complete disrespect for the sport.

The most recent report of this kind came from the world of soccer and FIFA (Federacion International de Football Association) itself. Several charges against the organization have been made stating that FIFA has been corrupted for a long time. There were also reports of racketeering made within the organization. As the most popular sport in the world, FIFA is in big trouble. They are known to generate billions of dollars per annum while a huge sum of money has been flowing in and out of the many accounts of executives in exchange of special favors. Seven of these personalities have already been indicted and could get up to twenty-year sentence if convicted.

Abuse has been reported in FIFA for a while and it is good news that the people who greedily misuse the sports for their personal desires are finally facing the consequences of their actions. We can only hope for the day that our beloved sports will be free of corruption.