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Countdown Is On For Jazz Season Opener

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Utah Jazz’s date for the season opener has been announced. On October 28, Utah will face off with Phoenix Suns at the Energy Solutions Arena. The fans are hoping the team will put in a great effort in defeating the Suns who beat Utah in the last game of the regular season.

We could recall the impact of that loss in our post-season play position. Though to win on opening night will not change history, it will be a good way to start the new season. The date is also the debut of Al Jefferson, the new Jazzman. This will give the fans an opportunity to see his performance using a Jazz uniform for the very first time.

The game will be aired on TNT along with the October 26 NBA season kick-off game between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. There is a growing number of “Heat Haters” since Chris Bosh and LeBron James joined Dwayne Wade on the Miami team so this game has gained a strong interest.

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